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The Bull's Tyson Chandler said Friday that he felt he was on the verge of a breakout game.
Well, on the following game, a 2 point home loss to the Pacers, he comitted 5 fouls in 4 minutes 20 seconds. Guess what? He didn't exactly score 50 points in those 4 minutes. His stat line was 0pt (zero) 0rbs , 1 turnover.

I'd say he had a broken out game, yes.

This was the best one since Stephon Xzavor (not a mispell!!) Marbury of the Knicks affirmed he was the best point guard in the WHOLE league. 10 straight losses for the Knicks after that remark, and in May, he just crossed the East River to is native Coney Island so he could see all his former teams', the Wolves, Nets and Suns, playoff games.


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