Great Sports Moments - Shaq Attack

Shaq came on to the league on the 92 draft. He made immediate impact, turning an awfull Orlando team into a playoff contender. Listed at 7'1'' and 135 kg, he was blessed with immense quickness and athleticism. In the Meadowlands Arena he completely destroyed a baclboard. Everything. He not only snapped th rim of the glass, shattering to pieces, but the whole think came to the floor.

On the jersey game, that was season's last, Shaq only scored 10. The magic had to win for the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs, and Nick hit 50!!!!!But the Pacers had to loose..and they didn't. Vern Fleming had a great veteran game.

The game was stopped for one hour and a half and Shaq bruised his bald head when hit by the shotclock.

Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins had ripped some rims off in 70ies, and as he said, it was more a matter of "technique" than pure strenght. But this was something different.

Earlier in the season, glass DID not fly in Phoenix brand new America West Arena but the whole thing came down after a Shaq monster dunk on an alley oop.The hidraulic support just broke and backboard lowered itself slowly until hitting the floor. Not much violence on the action.You can see this in Jam Session NBA video, from 93.

There is a footage of Shaq practicing at LSU and ripping the rim of a backboard.
In the NBA, backboards where reinforced to prevent further happening of this sort.


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