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Eco no vazio...

É com muito desgosto que vejo partir uma das pessoas mais optimistas e positivas que já conheci.

Para quem já viu o personagem interpretado pelo Roberto Begnini em "A Vida é Bela", é aquele tipo de afrontar o dia a dia com um sorriso desse a vida os problemas que desse.

Vou ter imensas saudades das conversas sobre futebol e do seu positivismo inspirador.

NBA:Who is the Most DIS-Improved player in the season?

Who is the Most DIS-Improved player in the season? I mean someone who has really regressed in his play. I'd rule out age and becoming substitute to a major all-star. This would focus more on loss of skill, sloppy play, injuries that grounded an athletic player, move into a system that shows the player is less effective than looked etc
My vote: Baron Davis, 2nd T-Mac.
Baron seems very unflexible to adapt no any new system that is not "Baron do whatever you want and the coach will never criticise you, and will always give u praise even if you play very badly". Else, a 40mpg player, 7 or 8 assists, 36% shooting on bad shots (a 5-18FG game every week) and losses after losses. T-Mac is averaging 15 a game on atrocious %s. Mentally he is lost. The doctors cannot find the reason for his pains, and he cannot jump anymore. He did not adjust to the loss of athleticism and keeps putting up bad jumpers of after the other. Honor mentions: Steve Nash - What a drop since D'Antoni le…