Magic Flashes

1993-4 season, Pistons on the decline, Laimbeer and Thomas would retire during the season putting the official end to an era. In some game probably already thrown down in the sewer, Isiah is at mid-court, on the left side, taking the ball upcourt. Unadvertedly, he bounces the ball against the three point line, it climbs high to a fast cutting Piston going behind the defense who puts the alley oop down. The ball still bounced a bit around the rim before dropping... but it was marvelous...The whole bench got up and cheered.

1990 Bulls vs Nets. Michael goes in the lane against 4 Nets, I think it was Coleman, Petrovic and a couple of others. He goes very high with loads of arms ready to reject him, he goes past, body high but ball low, takes the ball out of the reaching in arms and glides past the hoop. Almost on the floor he scoops a great spin off the the glass shot. The best and priceless is to see the Nets players on the bench amazed and saying "wow", while falling back.

1991 game 2 of the NBA finals. The aging Lakers managed to steal game 1 at the chicago stadium, Perkins' 3 in the last minute putting the Lakers up two. Michael jumper for tie circled the hoop once, went off the board, circled the hoop again, Magic tipped the rebound to the other court, Pippen threw a praire from mid-court, off the back iron and game is over. Game two would not be the same. The Bulls would smash the Lakers. MJ was 16-19 from the floor, making once 12 straight shots. With little over 6 minutes to go the final blow is given: Bulls on break MJ gives it to Levingston who gives it back to the trailing MJ at the top of the key. MJ flies with the ball on his right hand with perkins and Green watching and then he changes to his left and scores beautifuly. Jackson smiled, the whole crowd went wild and the Bulls would win three more straigh to become champions for the first time.

1992 All star game. Magic had been on the injured list with HIV, but had not retired. The All-star game is voted by the fans and he was picked as a starter. Barkley and Malone strongly opposed to him playing, but he showed up in the Orlando arena. And how well he played. Baby hooks, fast lay ups, no loo k pass to David Robinson and a three. Clyde the Glide had stolen the show while the West trashed the East. In the last minute Magic comes in and challenges Isiah to a one-on-one. Isiah dribbles like a kid in a playground while Magic teases him then throws an air ball. The crown on their feet, and Magic hits a three. Then its MJ one-on-one with magic. Shoot from right side misses. Then Magic pushes the ball upcourt back to Isiah. Then takes a step back and lets go another three. The crowd explodes, players start hugging Magic and he gets the MVP. It was a tryly magic (played at the Orlando Magic Arena which address is One Magic Place) moment. Magic looked like a kid, full of joy for playing a game he loved.


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