The NBA has a real scandal that is about to blow, and Scott Padgett has the skinny:
Utah cheats, he says.

In fact, the Jazz has been cheating for years.
"They overinflate the balls," the Nets forward said.
"They have an offense geared toward the layup, so they want your jumpers bouncing out," he explained. "The whole time I was there (1999-2003), the balls were hard. I'm gone now, and the balls are still too hard. They overinflate them, I'm telling you."
"I'm telling you, if one of those balls hits you straight on, you're breaking a finger," Padgett said. "I dislocated one here (right pinkie) and one here (left pinkie), and both happened when I was in Utah."
Actually, referees are supposed to ensure that each game ball is filled with seven to nine pounds of air ... but come to think of it, Nenad Krstic got a ball-jam Monday night, and thought he broke his finger.

DUHHH s**t like that happens a lot. The Lakers used to inflate the ball so Magic could drible better. The blazers used to de-flate it so they could crash the boards by increasing the rim hang time on a miss.

Olympiakos of Athens used to lower the basket where the home team attacked. And managed to revert it at halftime, only God knows how.

WORST of all, the Celtics used to disconnect heating on the opposing team locker-room - in the Winter!!

About the refs checking the balls every game before the tip. That simply doesn't happen, if it bounces ok, game is on.

Now, Scott, grow up and be a man. I am sure much dirtier stuff goes on than inlating balls, in such a multimillion $ industry.

Ever heard of the "Star Protection Scheme"? Yep, that is why Karl Malone comitted a foul, and it was called on you, Scott ;)

And Scott, how come you didn't complain in all those years in played in Utah? Maybe because no one can explain what the hell you are doing in the NBA, in the first place. A marginal player at Kentucky and a lousy NBA player.


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