Darko's future is Dark

Darko Milicic the 2nd pick in 2003 draft for the Pistons barely played in his 1st season. Larry Brown was never much o f a rookie developer. In his second Flip Saunders came in, same result. He had potential Dumars said, but in his third season nothing was proven. then he gets traded to the struglling Magic, under Brian Hill. Has barely played and has even got a DNP-CD (Did Not Play - Coach's Decision). Had a career high 22 minutesin one game.


Maybe...because..Darko SUCKS?

And is a complaining cancer who doesn't work on his game?
Think for a while. 3 seasons in Motown, 2 coaches and playing for the championship. And Flip always played lousy big men like Nesterovic, garrett, Parks, Kandi Man, etc. He barely played, sometime behind (very old) Elden Campbell or knee-bent McDyess. Even 6'7'' Darvin Ham played some inside ball and don't tell me any of these guys had potential or were any bigtime contributors.

Now in Orlando, looking at the lottery he still doesn't play.3 years in the league looking for potential?

Looks like Dumars got screwed in the draft a few years ago and everyone wants to hide it.
I doubt Darko will become anything more that an Eric Montross or Cherokee Parks. And Montross played well in his first two seasons. Pitty that being a 2nd pick can make you last in the league 10 years averaging 2ppg. Because of ass-covering of the management mistakes and agents' ability to market bad basketball.


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