The Garden sounds more like a Graveyard

The Garden sounds more like a Graveyard

The Knicks were once again active in th trading block. the goal is always the same for them. Increase the salary total and make sure to feed the other teams with the over-salary-cap-threshold fines. And on the way make sure to pick-up bad contracts and bad players or players with bad reputation.

Jerome James was hired when he put up with a couple of good games in the 2005 playoffs. Never mind being a complete nulity for the few years he spent there and being on the last days of his contract. He is always in the IL and when not, a total non factor. Malik Rose is no anwser inside, only as a substitute. Eddy Curry is always injured and is only capable of scoring. A 7'1'' well built frame seems to be useless for any sort of rebounding. Same goes for Maurice Taylor at 6'11''. Meanwhile the departed Nazr who averageg 12p 9r now seems like a an allstar compared with these guys. Jamal Crawford is the master of the turnover and the ill-advised shot.

Marbury is the usual. Seems to be playing for the father to watch, from Coney Island.

Penny was finally ditched just before the trade deadline. This may sound a good deal but wasn't. In the move, steve Francis was picked from Orlando. He his Stephon Marbury II. A very selfish PG who is only interested in scoring 20ppg no matter the team performance. Stevie can play, but we is unable to give an assist an then in the next possesion not taking a shot. Even Jeff Van Gundy had a tought time making him let the ball go to Yao Ming. A couple of years back Stevie wanted to go to the SuperBowl, skipping a flight with the team. Rockets management said no, so he missed the flight and went anyway. So good for professionalism.

And that makes two PG with SG mentality. If he a and Marbury play together I can only imagine Larry Brown ordering a big box of Xanax and Prozac.

Jalen Rose was brought in to play PG. He played sparingly for Brown at Indiana before excelling under Larry Bird and Isiah. But he is 33 yerars old and owed 34M USD over the next two seasons. The players sent back accounted for 17M USD, so that was an 17M increase pay check to be handed over from the Knicks.
In the NBA, the salary cap for each team is set this season at 60 M USD. That means any team paying over that will pay a fine. The fine one-by-one dollar over the cap to be distributed amongst all other teams that do not exceed the cap (about 20 or so, from the 30).

Now Stevie Franchise comes in and 3 highly paid prima-donnas are PGs.

This puts the Knicks salary sheet at an incredible 120 Million Dollars. That is 60 million over the cap, which means the overall figure to be spent is 180!! An no playoffs in sight.

This can only be:
- Money laundering.
- Money injection in the lower tier teams in an inteligent fashion, commanded by the league.

Sportswise it is a shame. The Big Apple is the NBA's biggest internal market. I see no interest in a non competitive NY's team. The East has lost quite an edge on the Knicks intentionl (?) slump.


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