Emirates publishes analysis on airline subsidies

Emirates publishes analysis on airline subsidies. The document appears to be well-researched and some key highlights (it is definitely worth reading in full) are:

- Examples of recent airline subsidies including AI, JL, JK, CY, OK, AZ and MA

- Rebuttals to quotes from: AC, Association of European Airlines, AF KLM, OS, LH, Australia Workers' Union and Athena Aviation

A timeline of some notable airline state support events including: EI, AF, AZ, BA, IB, LH, OA, QF, TP and LX

Supporting quote from their auditors PwC

Accusing Star Alliance member airlines of taking subsidies totalling €6.8bn, of which LH Group comprises €3.125bn

Explanation of Emirates' sourcing of finance (US$26bn over the last 15 years)

A comparison of airline costs and airport costs

An explanation of Emirates' oil procurement including quotes from Chevron, BP and Shell

The compelling document will make uncomfortable reading for those that insist that Emirates is subsidised. Further, it shows that some of the most vocal airlines who claims such as these are the ones who have themselves received financial and aeropolitical subsidies.

Subsidies aside, the graphic showing unit cost comparison just shows how competitive Emirates is.

Link to document:


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