NBA preview - Part 2

At Minnesota the addtion of Mike Miller is not gonna make any miracle, especially in a stong division. Very cold season. Foye must stay healthy and Jefferson to make sure last season was the breakthrough.

The Nets have started their rebuilding process, and only Vinsanity remains from the Kidd days. Yi might be a bust in two seasons and rest of the team is too young. If Harris can connect with Carter at least there will be some show time.

The Jazz can only aspire for stardom. With a healty Boozer and Deron running the show they should excell. CJ Miles, Brewer, Kirilenko, Harpring are a great supporting cast.

Will the Hornets take the lead on the conference? Scott can coach, period. CP3 is the best PG in the league, can't believe he's only 23 and such a floor general. Chandler is a monster near the hoop will be fed on multiple lobs by Paul. David west has a developed game and can be the go to guy for this team. This team can really make a strong impact this year. Peja is no way the all star he used to be, but 3 threes a game are a bonus for any team willing to contend.

What can we say about Sacramento? Rahim retired after injuries devastated his finesse game. Artest is finally gone, given for next to nothing, one less pain in the neck for Theus. Kevin Martin will simply have to score 25 a game so they can win 25 games. Brad Miller revived his game a bit last year, lets hope he keeps it up this season. Kenny Thomas and Mikki Moore are subpar insiders.


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