Magic moments III

1989 Cavs vs the bulls - 1st round game 5

Last minute and scores are even. It has been MJ show all night, but the CAVS are a better squad and Ehlo, Jordan’s guardian, is having a great game. MJ puts the Bulls up one in the last 10 seconds. The Cavs run a play and Ehlo cuts to the basket and scores on a layup, and get the the home crowd certain they'll play in the 2nd round. There is about 2 seconds remaining. The Bulls inbound to MJ, at the top of the key, he dribbles once, jumps, Ehlo is all over him with a stretched arm in his face, MJ holds...Ehlo is goes past...MJ still airbone..Ehlo is back on the floor...MJ finally releases the trigger on the jumper… and it goes in at the buzzer...Bulls win! MJ then jumps of joy pump-fisting the air while Ehlo is laying down on the floor almost a hero..but not…

1996 Euroleague Final Barcelona - Panathinaikos

A great matchup joined the Greeks with the Catalans. NBA all-star and 9th All time score leader had joined Panathinaiko sat an astonishing 5M USD per year after tax, plus expenses, contract. In the final 3 minutes the Athens team lead by as many as 14 but a huge comeback led by Karnisovas cut the deficit to 1 in the last minute. With 10 seconds remaining, Wilkins misses a short hook, the ball is tipped out wide to midcourt, Montero grabs and attempts what would be the winning shot just under the Panathinaikos basket. Out of nowhere comes 7'2'' tall Vranckovic and swats the ball from the glass, game should be over, but Galilea gets the rebound dribbles a few seconds and then drives through the lane without ever releasing a shot while the final whistle is blown. The Vrankovic block was totally illegal as the ball cannot be interfered after touching glass and the chronometer stopped for 5 seconds after that no one knows why. All this mess gave the Greeks a most sought after Eurloeague amidst a very dark cloud of controversy. Montero, despite once being a NBA draft pick (when there were 4 rounds), went on to have a disappointing career. Yet, if not for refereeing bust-up he'd been a legend in Barcelona.


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