Preview of the next NBA season 2009

The champs still look as ring collectors for me. The trio of Allen,KG and Pierce is simply superb as no other team can provide offensive similar firepower and leadership.  Losing PJ Brown and Sam Cassell to retirment and Posey to free agency should not cause a headache. The Lakers still need a 2nd go-to-guy to aid Kobe, a role Odom and Gasol could not fill. Bynum back will be huge in the middle. The Lakers' bench is still weak.

The Suns should start falling apart. Shaq is done, Nash will break down starting the season at 34 years old, and Barbosa will not be a floor leader. Grant Hill will need to cut his minutes short to be effective. Despite Shaq, Amare still needs inside help on D and rebounding. 

The Blazers are exciting and may be contending for something. With young players like Outlaw, Roy, Aldridge, Rudy and Sergio Rodriguez, the future can only be bright.

The Pistons are very conservative and I doudt if there is anything left in the tank. Billups, Dice, Sheed are well over their thirties. The addition of former no 1 pick, Kwame Brown sound a lot like charity. Joe, start over.

The Bulls managed to hold Deng, but Gordon was not very pleased with is contract. Rookie Rose can make impact, but I doubt they'll make the second round as 2 years ago.

The CAVS are hopeless. King James will score 30 a game while Ilgauskas and Big Ben fade into retirement. Pavlovic and Araujo were MISERABLE after desperatly exploring restricted free agency before last season. West and Gibson are no Robins for LeBron.

The Nuggets have again enough talent even letting Camby go. Melo, Iverson, Nene, Kleiza, J.R. Smith are formidable ballers and only Karl's lack of discpline on his stars can keep Denver from contneding for the title.

The Spurs are older one year, but are still goo to fight for the ring.

The Rockets are another question mark. Will T-Mac and Yao shake off their injuries and start acting as superstars who lead their team to winning? Is Artest going to realise what professionalism is about? Again, talent is wide enough to make serious waves.

The Mavericks gave up on a title 2 seasons after almost winning it all. Dirk is worthy of trust, but the other star Josh Howard is a PR nightmare with his anti-patriotic remarks. Jason Kidd is done, and it was a huge mistake to have let Devin Harris go. The MAVS don't run well. Stackhouse is getting old and there is noone credible in teh middle, Dampier being just average.

Pacers - forget them, they are badly rebuilding while cleaning out the team: "drugs" Harrison, Tinsley, O'Neal and Crosshere are gone.

Grizlies - They traded FOR Toine Walker...What do I need to say more? The Gasol brother is a just a stiff.

Hawks - Childress ran away to Piraeus. Can they repeat the playoffs? Joe and Josh must step up.

Sonics - or thunder or whatever. Let's watch Durant play.

Bobcats - Larry Brown will only deepen Jordan's mess.

Sixers - Iguodala is a show, the rest not so much.

Wizzards - With a healthy Arenas and a leader motivated Jamison playoff should be achieved. Lack of interior firepower as Haywood is out for the season is the reason for a short Month of May.

Clippers - Brand pulled the carpet below what could be a pretty good team. Kaman, Baron and Camby are strong solid, a pitty they are in the West.

Warriors - Baron left and took he the playoffs with him...for many years.



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