Verdict on Don Nelson

What is the Veredit on Don Nelson, since he certainly won't coach for much longer due to his age?

When I started watching NBA games he was the Warriors coach with the TMC, playing spetacular ball. He had a few years back taken the bucks to the WCF. The Mitch Riochmond trade for Billy Owens (bad knees, fat, and something between a SF and PF), was a prelude for a disaster.

Then the 1993 warriors posted a dismal record, due to injuries.

When Webber came aboard it looked they would be contenders, but C-Web left after one year due to alleged differences, despite he ended his carreer in the same Warriors under Nelson.  Mullin had almost a year off due to "migraines".

During the last 15 years he has done lots of huge mistakes, I can remember when he coached the Knicks that he wanted Ewing to be a PF or something, etc.

Why is this guy still in the league?
Or is he a genious well ahead of his time?

It seems he WAS a genious in the 80s. He made the Bucks championship caliber stuff, albeit with good D.

He is a joke now. He gave millions to SJax, made him ca captain, and then had to trade him after his lack of professionalism.

He let go a trio composed of Antwan Jamison, Gilbert Areans and JRich...


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