NBA 2010 - End of First Quarter

We are at the end of First Quarter of the 2009-2010 season.
It is now quite clear the goals, to be fulfilled or not, os most teams and players.
Success is bright for some, other will fall short, wheli many have dumped already whatever hope there ever was.

Lets start from the cream of top. The Lakers have been as strong as there can be. Gasol injury did not produce major setbacks due to Bynum stepping up to nearly 20-10. Odom has been less of an offensive threat but very important in rebounding and and creating offense. Ariza was the energetic scorer of the bench, and Artest has given a totally different contribution. Whatever knuclehead redtape he might have had, once more the Master of Zen has made him a team player, with pesky defence and a good outisde shot.

The Suns have reverted to their offenseive game after a horrible half court trial with a slow Shaq, and through an MVP season from Nash (photo) they are rocking. Grant hills has not lot a step, nor has Amare, and they are winning with showtime every night.

The Spurs are getting older, but Tim is still a premier centre. The addition of Jefferson as a starter might mitigate the decline of Manu. Patker is solid and Bonner, Mason are regular contibutor. they need a better power forward than McDyess.

The Cavs have made an excelent free agent signup, Anthony Parker, the European star. Moon has given athleticismo to help Lebron and Mo williams score at will. Shaq is quite decrepit and call only score on easy dunks, while Z is one the most slow-footed centres is the game. Still Shaq is a big body and Z is a killer with is fine J.

The Celtics are very competitive. KG is back from his injury and looks to have lost a step, mainly in rebouding and post up moves. He is still tentaive doing anything but shoot jumpers, but will gain confidence later on the season. Allen can shoot the lights out of the Fleetcentre every night and Pierce is the go to guy. Rondo was one of the few draft picks to get a fat 4th year and beyond contract, and he deservers it. He is All-star material, deferrinf to teh stars in scoring, while a master organiser and excelletn defender. The bench is productive, with Glen Davis still to joing the squad.

I love the Hawks. young, athletic, and spetacular. J-Smooth is a premier dunker and shot blocker with added jumper and inside moves. Joe is a proven star, Bibby is a killer from the outside. This trio is one of the best in the NBA and the bench levels the Hawks game well, with Jamal being instant offense.


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