Paxman answers Tim Thomas

Bulls general manager John Paxson reached a boiling point Wednesday and fired back at one-time Bull Tim Thomas for saying he could have helped the Bulls win 20 more games this season and advance to the playoffs.

On a morning radio show, Paxson responded by calling Thomas "delusional" and said the ninth-year forward reported to training camp out of shape in October.

Tim was heavily criticised by ex-teammate Ray Allen for not developing his game when he was a Buck, like Michael Redd did. Allen, and he was right this time, pointed out that Tim never grew up and can't take responsibilities. He has athleticism, size, and skills but simply does not put an effort, does not take responsibilities and always blames someone else for his underachieving career.

The NYK at least were able to dump this cancer otherwise I am sure David Stern would pat Isiah's shoulder if he saw the Knicks having on the court a lineup of Stephon, Francis, Thomas, Malik Rose and Jerome James. The Sixers players who had an NBA record 9 win season would've been smiling for sure.

I respect Paxson as a player and GM, a serious guy, who won't take crap from this clown and avoided a bad example on a young team. At least there are guys like that, who can admit they made a mistake in a trade and quickly deal with it. Paxson was a slow PG who played a smart game, shot very well and lasted over 10 years in the league by playing hard and being professional. Paxman hit the championship-clinching trey in the America West Arena in 93, one of the top shots ever in the NBA. He made the most out of his limited capacity trough hard work, keeping his mouth shut and by honouring the shirt he wore.

Tim only averaged about 4 ppg in 11 games in Chicago and now, after sitting half a season away from the team, has leveled up the figures to 11.5 ppg. But in the Suns' fast game paced by Nash anyone can score, and Tim's skills fit in.

Let's see if his attitude still is the same. Tim made a huge impression on his 1st season with the Sixers, averaging 11ppg. Since then he hasn't got over 15 even playing more than 30 minpg on several bad or average teams. He doesn't pass the ball and is not a very good defensive player. He shows good skills more than once in every game, but can be inconsistent in a 5 minute span , and all it represents is potentital. At age 28, after almost 10 years in the league, that's way too little.


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